Dalloul Rania’s meditation

Dalloul Rania meditates

Dalloul Rania loves meditation. And in this article she describes types of it and the process.
Sadhguru sets out to establish an understanding of the word meditation to most people. It is imperative that each person understands the meaning of meditation before actually assuming to be engaged in an activity that they have the least understanding of. There is the danger of misconceptions where each person who sits for some minutes with their eyes closed will want to assume that he or she is meditating. Ideally, it is first an important feature to recognize that one is supposed to become meditative. Being meditative requires a habitual process that is influenced by the everyday practices that an individual undergoes.

Meditation is best regarded as an activity that is focused on training one’s mind in ways that nourish and develop the mind. A development of the mind is very helpful in promoting human abilities as well as enhancing the connection of the thought process. In essence, Sadhguru seeks to impart in us the relevance e of real meditation and not just the empty act of sitting still for some minutes.

It is therefore very important that we know how best to meditate to avoid wasting precious time. The impact that meditation will have on our lives depends on the accuracy and seriousness of the meditation process. This would require that one actually understands the different types of meditation that a person can decide to experience. Dalloul Rania has tried each of them.

For instance, there are seven types of meditations that an individual can choose from:

  1. Kundalini
  2. Guided Visualization
  3. Qi Gong
  4. Zazen
  5. Mindfulness
  6. Heart rhythm meditation
  7. Transcendental meditation

Each type of meditation has its advantages and disadvantages. It is also true that each type of meditation that is presented by Sadhguru has its purpose and goals that it seeks to accomplish. For example, Transcendental meditation is majorly focused on achieving a state of enlightenment where the individual gets to a point of calmness even amidst a busy schedule. This type of meditation is common among the aged. Kundalini on the other hand focuses on summoning the dormant energy within an individual to promote the healing process. The meditation involves controlled breathing which eventually leads to an altered state of consciousness.  

Dalloul Rania meditation Zazen

The self-guided Zazen is mainly done for the mental emancipation that it brings. An individual is expected to achieve increased mental balance from the practice of this type of meditation.

Sadhguru has managed to argue out the benefits of getting it right in meditation. He argues that it is the duty of the human being to control the mind and not the other way round. The mind is supposed to be subject to the individual and not the individual being subject to the mind. As a servant, the mind is a wonderful tool that the person can use for his or her benefit. This means that each person who wants to meditate must be able to subdue the mind and be able to guide the mind. Meditation involves the willingness in the guidance of the mind into things that bring harmony in an individual.

Sadhguru understands the relevance of meditation but cautions on the danger of doing it wrongly. One must identify the preferred type of meditation and the relative impact that it has. It is mandatory that one also learns just how to do it right.